About us
Embracing the work of a young winemaker generation, bringing the Hungarian wines closer, getting to know its creators.

This was the inspiration to establish our winebar, DiVino in 2011. Our story started and continues to this day with the Junibor establishment, uniting young, ambitious and talented winemakers. Their expertise shapes our offer, all wines that we pour into your glasses day by day come from the Junibor winemakers. Besides the wide selection of the Hungarian wines, our thematic events and tasting nights take a huge part in the life of DiVino Bazilika, where our wineries give an insight to their work. As the DiVino family is constantly expanding, we are happy to pour you a glass of wine in several locations in Budapest, Győr, Debrecen and Kecskemét!

We love, promote and support Hungarian wines – that's what DiVino stands for!

Let’s raise our glasses!

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